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Issues with Dentures

Woodstock GA Denture Dentists Those with dentures understand that just because they have “false teeth” does not mean that they can neglect their oral hygiene. Dentures require regular care and cleaning just like natural teeth, and visiting your dentist twice a year will help to ensure that your mouth is responding well to your prosthetic device. There are common issues that denture wearers encounter, and at Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists we are here to serve you with expert denture services including the repair and maintenance of partial and full dentures.

One common concern among denture wearers is that they become loose in the mouth. Dentures rest on a ridge of bone and gum tissue, and that ridge will shrink over time due to the lack of natural tooth support. Because of this natural degeneration, dentures will lose their secure fitting. In many cases, a new denture or partial may need to be fabricated in order to obtain a secure fit, in other cases adjustments can be made to make them fit more securely.

Sore spots on the gum line are also a common occurrence. This is also due to the changes in how the dentures rest upon the gums. If a sore spot develops, an immediate adjustment or relining of your denture is essential to prevent an open sore and/or infection.

Discoloration of the dentures is also a concern among those with dentures because it causes their dentures to lose their lustrous shine. Bacteria build-up develops on dentures just like it does on natural teeth. To prevent discoloration, dentures should be soaked and cleaned on a daily basis. If the stains and discoloration remain, you can bring your dentures in to be professionally cleaned.

A bad odor can be common among dentures because of the same bacteria that cause discoloration. If your dentures appear to be clean but still emit a foul odor, call our office for advice on simple tips to remedy this embarrassing problem.

If your dentures become chipped or broken, we are happy to repair them for you. Do not wear your broken denture, but keep it moist. In most cases, your denture repair can be completed in a single visit while you wait.

Denture wearers face an array of issues that are common among the denture community. Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists is pleased to offer expert denture services. Please contact us today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Warren Berne, Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists

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