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Will I Ever Learn to Chew Again?

Dentist Showing Patient a Set of DenturesMost of us don’t remember learning to chew our food. It happens so early in life that by the time kindergarten rolls around, we don’t remember not knowing how. Getting dentures is a lot like getting your first set of teeth.  They’re a new, foreign body inside of your mouth.  Even though you’re used to teeth, your dentures will feel and fit differently than your natural teeth; it may be hard to figure out how to chew the most effectively. These three tips will help you be successful and enjoy eating again!

  1. Don’t Bite With Your Front Teeth. Dentures should be evenly balanced on your gums. Taking a bite, especially of something hard like and apple or carrot, can unseat them. Instead of using the front teeth on the denture, use the ones further back. 
  2. Chew Straight Up and Down.With your natural teeth, you probably chew in a variety of positions. You grind your teeth together on one side, then from front to back all over. But with dentures, grinding one side or the other will make your dentures pop out. It’s also not the most effective way to chew up your food. Simply speaking, use an up and down motion on both sides of your mouth together to break down your food.
  3. Eat Softer Foods.Until you are confident eating a variety, stick to softer foods during the first several days, like pudding, rice, or bananas.

At Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists, we want you to be able to eat and enjoy your food, If you’re having trouble, it may be time so seek help. Don’t be afraid to schedule your next appointment!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Warren Berne, Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists

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