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Young Adults and Dental Implants

Woodstock GA Dental Implant Periodontist People can damage, break, lose, or have a tooth extracted at any age. However, when most people think of dental implants, they tend to think of the older population being the only candidates for this dental procedure. In fact, there is no “crucial” age for determining whether or not a dental implant is a viable solution. The only crucial factors in deciding if a dental implant will be a successful solution for replacing a missing tooth is whether or not the jaw bone is strong enough to support it, the facial skeleton has fully matured, and your general health is fair.

People are all given the same opportunity when it comes to their teeth – they all get two sets: a set of baby teeth and a set of permanent teeth. Different factors throughout life determine whether they are able to keep all of their permanent teeth. Lifestyle choices, proper oral health care, protecting the teeth during sports, and making regular dental visits a priority go a long way in ensuring that you will make it through life with all of your natural teeth intact. However, nothing in life is guaranteed, and many people find themselves in a position where a missing tooth (or multiple teeth) is a reality. Young people can lose a tooth just as older adults can, and understanding that dental implants can be beneficial for them can provide a successful replacement option.

Significant growth and development occurs during the adolescent, teen, and young adult years. While it would not be advisable for an 11-year-old to have a dental implant placed inside the mouth, a young adult is often a good candidate. While the teeth do not grow once they erupt inside the mouth, the connective tissues and jaw bone will continue to grow until they reach maturity. Dental implants are directly placed in the jaw bone and cannot adapt to position change. Therefore, it is necessary that the mouth and facial structure of a dental implant candidate reach full maturity before it becomes a viable option.

Every dental implant candidate is evaluated for bone growth and bone health. If it is decided to defer implants until a young adult reaches full growth maturity, a suitable temporary restoration can be successful until dental implants can be placed.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Warren Berne, Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists

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