Dentures are a popular choice for people who have lost several or all of their natural teeth. While dentures can restore your ability to eat and speak comfortably, they do require special care to keep them in good condition. At Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists in Woodstock, we want our patients to enjoy their dentures for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to care for them, so that they last as long as intended:

  • Don’t Sleep in Your Dentures – It’s important to give your gums and jaws a rest from denture wear, and the best way to do this is by removing your dentures at night. This also gives you a chance to clean your dentures thoroughly and soak them in water or a cleaning solution. Sleeping in your denture can accelerate bone loss and put you at risk for oral infections.
  • Use a Gentle Cleanser and Denture Brush – Regular cleaning is key to maintaining the lifespan of your dentures and health of your smile. Use a gentle cleanser that is specifically designed for dentures, and use a denture brush to clean them thoroughly. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or toothpaste, as they can damage the acrylic material.

Plan Regular Denture Checkups

Even if your dentures are comfortable and feel secure, it’s important to have them checked regularly by our Woodstock dentist. This can help catch any issues early, and ensure that your dentures are still fitting properly. We recommend scheduling a denture checkup at least once a year, if not every six months.

At Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists, we’re committed to helping our patients maintain healthy and functional smiles, even when they choose dentures! Our team of experienced dental professionals can provide you with personalized tips and recommendations for caring for your oral health in the years ahead. Call us today for an appointment!

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What your patients are saying

Dr Berne and his team are the best; professional, friendly, knowledgeable and caring. They made an uneasy process for me go very smooth. I’m so happy with my beautiful smile that his skilled hands gave me, and would recommend him to anyone looking to restore their smile too!!!
Anna D.
The whole staff was so nice and treated me like family. Dr Anderson and his assistant were both so funny and I felt so comfortable and like I’d known them for years. Dr Anderson and his staff are the best ever! I would highly recommend them!
Marian K.
The office is very friendly and very professional. My dentist is Dr. Doug Yoon and on my very first visit he introduced me to the entire staff that would be assisting with my care, which made me feel confident that I had chosen the right practice. It has only gone uphill from there. I love that place!!
Barbara B.

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