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Complete Dentures

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. There are times and instances when people must have all of their teeth extracted from their mouths. Severe trauma to the mouth and jaw, diseases and certain conditions, and medical side-effects are all common causes of full teeth extraction. The extraction of all the teeth is never a desired outcome as all people only get one set of permanent teeth throughout their lifetimes. However, certain circumstances warrant the necessity of the teeth being extracted; this conclusion should never be made lightly.

Young Adults and Dental Implants

People can damage, break, lose, or have a tooth extracted at any age. However, when most people think of dental implants, they tend to think of the older population being the only candidates for this dental procedure. In fact, there is no “crucial” age for determining whether or not a dental implant is a viable solution. The only crucial factors in deciding if a dental implant will be a successful solution for replacing a missing tooth is whether or not the jaw bone is strong enough to support it, the facial skeleton has fully matured, and your general health is fair.

Create a New Smile With Dental Implants

Georgia Denture & Implant Specialists is committed to helping patients regain their confidence and comfort through creating a complete smile with a customized approach. A missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth, can hinder your confidence and limit your quality of life through social situations, eating, speaking, and causing a decline in your oral health. Through the use of dental implants, millions of people have been able to bring back their confidence and create a beautiful, complete smile.

Preventing Stains on Dentures

Dentures are tooth replacements that are intended to help people live a normal life. Dentures are investments that require care and attention to keep them clean and long-lasting. Dirty dentures allow bacteria and fungus to grow on them, leading to all sorts of negative effects like bad breath, irritated gums, and staining. In order to prevent stains from affecting your dentures, it is important to maintain proper care of your replacement teeth.

Broken Implant

While it is highly unlikely that the titanium anchor inside the jaw will become damaged, it is possible for the crown of an implant to become damaged and/or for the gum tissues and bone around the implant to be damaged. Proper care of your mouth can prevent most damage from occurring. It is important that you refrain from chewing ice or biting down on hard pieces of candy, popcorn kernels, and other hard foods or objects whether you have all of your natural teeth or you have dental implants. A crack in the tooth enamel or in the dental crown of an implant can easily occur when the teeth are not treated with care.

Help For Denture Repairs

Dentures can become damaged in many different ways, some more simple and others more complex. Dentures can become cracked or chipped by biting down on something too hard like a piece of candy or ice. These small damages are typically easy to repair by simply replacing a single tooth in the dentures. However, other damages can cause more significant repair work to be required.

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